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Pain Management

The effective relief of pain is a basic human right and is a cornerstone of healing and recovery. At RenAMI, one of our quality aims is to relieve pain and suffering for the individual patient and to transform our system with a higher standard of evidence-based best practices. We also recognize that pain is more than a physical response. Pain is multifaceted and involves emotional, spiritual, cognitive, and cultural issues that impact quality of life and recovery.

Strategies For Better Pain Management

  • Our goal is to regularly assess your pain, provide medication in a timely manner, and assist with non-pharmacological means of alleviating pain. Although we may not be able to achieve total absence of pain, every attempt will be made to allow you to be able to participate in your activities of daily living.
  • RenAMI uses cutting-edge, minimally invasive pain management as the first approach.
  • Pain management procedures with state-of-the art technology is in place to promote safe access to pain relief that is driven by patient needs.
  • Continuing education on pain management is provided for staff so that the assessment, delivery and reassessment of pain is our priority for patient centered care.
  • Our palliative care team focused on offering specialized care for pain and symptom management for those with serious and potentially life threatening diseases.

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